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Building Relationships Of Trust In Dentistry

posted May 4th, 2020

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  • Building Relationships Of Trust In Dentistry

Routine check-ups and non-essential dentistry are on pause as a result of the Coronavirus and the team at Bite Dentistry are missing our lovely clients! See one of our patient stories, here.

Routine check-ups and non-essential dentistry are on pause as a result of the Coronavirus and the team at Bite Dentistry are missing our lovely patients!

We were contacted last night by one of our clients, Jill*, who has been coming to us for over 20-years for her oral healthcare. Jill emailed us the following and asked us to share her story:

I hope you and all the family and staff are well. What a huge difference my last appointment has made! It no longer feels like a foreign body in my mouth. I now appreciate how good it all looks . Thank goodness [my daughter] kept that business card all those years ago. I’ve had a few flashbacks when I hear it said that the only dental treatment available at the moment is extraction!”

Regaining Trust In Our Industry

The beginning of our patient journey with Jill started as a result of a hugely negative prior experience of extraction with another practitioner. In her 20’s this lovely lady suffered a serious case of malpractice - a full upper clearance at the hands of an alcoholic dentist. He took out all of her teeth but only replaced these with a partial denture with four teeth on. As a result, she was left with huge trauma and a fear of the dentist.

She was recommended to visit our team by her daughter. The past experience had severely affected Jill, and we worked slowly with her to restore her trust in the dentistry industry. Jill had travelled 2.5 hours each way to attend her initial visit - and has continued to make that journey each time for the last twenty years.

A Comprehensive Oral Healthcare Plan

Jill’s healthcare plan has grown a lot over the past two decades. Starting with a new denture, she then felt confident enough to get two lower implants to stabilise her lower partial denture. Since then, she’s gone on to have 6 upper implants, a titanium bar retained over-denture and a conversion of her lower removable denture to a fixed bridge.

The journey Jill and our team have been on is an incredible one, and just one of many relationships of mutual trusts we share with our patients here at the practice. Dentistry is vital to healthcare - not only to maintain beautiful smiles and healthy teeth, but also to prevent gum issues and assess for illnesses such as oral cancers.

Goodwill is about trust, and with a dentist and patient there is a mutually binding relationship that can take years to nurture. We care about every one of our patients and look forward to returning to a time where we can provide full care before long.

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*Patient name changed for confidentiality

Dr. Eimear O'Connell

BDS (Edin, 1992) MFGDP

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