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What are patients saying about Bite?

“An implant really was the only option for me because this would mean I had complete confidence in my teeth afterwards.”

“It is rare to find a dentist who has a genuine passion for everything related to teeth combined with a compassionate care and desire to achieve the very best results for each person.”


“Once again you came to the fore with an amazing plan to restore, not only my smile, but also the function of my teeth.”


“A warm thank you for giving me back my smile and self-confidence – what a wonderful gift!”


“I am extremely grateful to have been fitted in so quickly and am delighted with my improved smile.”


“"I’d just like to say a big thank you to Eimear and Laura. I can eat hot food with both sides of my mouth for the first time in years! Worth every penny, thank you so much!””


“Just to let you know that since I have had my gap fixed it has meant I smile more. Smiling more means I have felt better and more positive and think this has improved all areas of my life! Thanks so much Eimear!”


“I can eat anything without worrying that something is going to crack or fall-out.”


“Thank you so much giving me a smile I can be proud of, this means a lot to me.”


“When I first saw my smile I was very impressed - it looked so natural and much improved. I found Eimear excellent at allaying my fears and I would have no hesitation in recommending the practice.”

“Eimear has been an absolutely superb dentist and I have total faith in her abilities.”

“I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with my new tooth! It has totally changed how my whole bite feels…. It’s like having a normal mouth now and to think I’d lived with that for YEARS! Thank you so much … I’m so happy.”


“I would recommend the practice because it’s very welcoming, very friendly and they are especially good at dealing with nervous patients.”

Cathy O'Connell

“Your understanding and gentle approach has completely restored my trust and confidence in dentists. Thank you so much.”


“Having had a rather patchy-looking set for many years, colleagues and friends now comment on my beautiful set of teeth”


“I would have no hesitation in recommending the practice – the staff are all very helpful, caring and kind.”

“I would like to thank all your team, who have always been so kind and efficient and must be the cheeriest in Edinburgh – service with a smile!”


“I would like to thank you and your lovely colleagues for the wonderful care and treatment I have received”


“I hope you remain my dentist until your retirement, but I am afraid you may have done yourself out of a job (except for check-ups) for several years now!”


“Thanks Eimear for all your kindness and professionalism! Much love for a job well done.”


“Thanks Eimear, You did a brilliant job!”


“"When I lost my front tooth, I was given a partial plate which I found uncomfortable and messy. On consulting Bite Dentistry, they recommended an implant and I am so pleased with this agreement as it makes me feel more confident and comfortable. The whole process was undertaken professionally and all staff were helpful and friendly"”


““I’d lost a front tooth in a rugby match 30 years ago and unfortunately the bone holding the replacement cap had become infected. Eimear did an excellent job in treating the infection, rebuilding the bone and inserting a new dental implant. This was all the more pleasing as it happened just at the start of the Covid pandemic with all the uncertainty around infection control and pandemic measures. Eimear and her teams care and treatment was excellent through the most difficult of circumstances and I now have an excellent replacement and I’m looking at smiling through the next 30 years thanks to Eimear. Absolutely first class and I’d recommend Eimear and the team to anyone looking for dental implant treatment in complex cases" ”


““I grew up as a child of the 60’s, when dentistry was all about treatment rather than prevention. It’s no surprise therefore that I ended up with a mouth full of fillings and eventually one or two teeth had to come out. I’ve had 3 implants and would have no hesitation in recommending them. From my perspective, getting an implant is pretty similar to having my tooth drilled but instead of a filling, you end up with a small screw in your jaw. There’s a bit more aftercare for your implant, but the procedure is definitely less traumatic than either root canal or an extraction. A few weeks after the implant you can get a crown fixed to it. The end result is just like having a new tooth in place of the old one" ”


““My teeth have been in the trusty care of Eimear for as long as I can remember and it was early on, through a proactive decision to X-Ray me in my early teens, that she identified I was missing my lateral incisors. I decided that as soon as I was able, I would like to get implants to replace the missing teeth. Eimear fitted two bridges, which lasted me well, to use until I was old enough to be able to get the implants fitted. Once able, I decided to go ahead with the implants and it only took two trips for them to be fitted. The first trip Eimear did the drill work and was able to re-fit my bridges after, so I was able to attend my graduation that evening! The second trip, which was around 6 weeks later, Eimear fitted the implants. Both visits were pain-free, and I was taken such good care of by the whole team at Bite. Eimear took the time to ensure that colour and shape of the implants exactly matched my other teeth and her perfectionism makes you understand how much she cares about her patients. I have now had my implants for 8 months and they have made such a huge difference to my confidence and my smile. I used to be self-conscious of my teeth and constantly aware not to bite into anything too firm, but now I have full confidence in my implants!" ”


““When I first was referred to Bite Dentistry for treatment in July 2020 my dental health was in a very poor state. I had been suffering from chronic implant failure for over ten years. Despite seeking help from numerous dental practitioners, I had been told there was no alternative but to have the implants removed and replaced with dentures. Then I met Eimear. After undertaking a very thorough review and analysis of my dental problems she advised me of a course of treatment which involved selective removal and replacement of two implants. 18 months later I could not be more delighted with the results. I no longer have any pain, I can eat whatever I like, my oral health has improved beyond recognition and i can smile with confidence. But the aspect of Eimear’s care that I value the most is that I am now confident that whatever problem might occur in the future Eimear will provide me with the best possible treatment. The actual replacement of the failed implants with new ones was painless and didn’t take long. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Eimear and her team at Bite Dentistry. She has literally transformed my life.” ”


“I have been a patient with Bite Dentistry for many years. I believe I have found a team of trusted professionals who I believe understands my historical fear of going to the dentist. Eimear and her team have always been very welcoming and there is a warm feeling at the Practice which helps me with my anxiety. Throughout the initial process of making a treatment plan I was given all the information I needed. I was offered the opportunity to discuss anything with Eimear and her team and I was given a written estimate of the cost. I required extensive treatment and was fairly anxious about the process but was reassured and supported at all times. I am absolutely delighted with my implants they are very natural looking and they enhance my smile. I have no concerns about biting into food as I have confidence in the security of the implants." ”


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