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Everything You Need to Know About Dental Inlays

posted March 12th, 2022

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Dental Inlays

Find out more about what is involved in getting dental inlays and see for yourself how they can improve your smile and function.

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Inlays

Do you have large metal fillings that you want to have replaced to make them look more natural and function like your natural teeth? If that’s the case, dental inlays might be the perfect treatment for you.

But what are dental inlays and what makes them more effective than normal fillings? Bite Dentistry has put together a guide to give you everything you need to know.

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What Are Dental Inlays?

Dental inlays are custom-made, reinforced structure that fits the top surface of your tooth.

These inlays are typically used to replace older fillings, securely bonding to prevent further decay and provide stabilisation to the structure of the tooth. They can also be used to restore teeth after injury or damage.

The material used for an inlay is typically a composite material or porcelain that is strong and durable, mimicking the strength of your natural teeth.

How Are Inlays Installed?

Step 1 - The Previous Filling is Removed (if present)

Patients with existing fillings will have them removed by a dentist before beginning the inlay treatment process. Your tooth will then be prepared and shaped to allow the piece to be placed more easily.

Step 2 - Take an Impression of the Effected Tooth

During your appointment, an impression will be taken of the affected tooth that allows your dental professional to create a mold for your inlay/onlay. This helps to create a custom inlay that fits the tooth perfectly.

Step 3 - Placement of Inlay/Onlay

Thanks to Bite Dentistry’s investment into a CEREC machine, both impressions and fittings can be completed in a single day! In the past, an inlay was made in the dental laboratory after the tooth had been prepared and a mould taken.

The innovative Cerec system allows us to create and fit quality, strong, natural-looking inlays in our multi-award-winning Edinburgh practice in about two hours. The work can be completed and the tooth restored during your appointment without the need for impressions or temporary fittings. Your inlay will be perfectly colour-matched to your existing teeth and will be milled right here on the premises.


Why Are Inlays More Effective Than Regular Fillings?

Fillings can be made from a mixture of materials, from a range of metals to glass and acrylic resin. However, using these materials can have a downside and even weaken the strength of the tooth by up to 50% according to the Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy.

On the other hand, inlays are typically made from porcelain and composite materials that are considerably stronger - they can even increase the strength of a tooth up to 75% more! Inlays also have a longer lifespan than fillings, lasting between ten and thirty years.

Inlays look a lot more natural when compared to fillings, blending in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. They are also stain-resistant, ensuring that your new smile looks amazing for as long as possible.

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Everything You Need to Know About Dental Inlays

Find out more about what is involved in getting dental inlays and see for yourself how they can improve your smile and function.


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