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Are You Aware Of These 8 Effects Of Tooth Loss?

posted February 19th, 2019

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  • Are You Aware Of These 8 Effects Of Tooth Loss?

Missing teeth can have a huge impact on your life. The effects of tooth loss are widespread, not just for health reasons but also the financial and self-confidence implications it can entail. Read some of the most common effects that tooth loss can have.

Effects of missing teeth include:

#1 Loss Of Confidence

A missing tooth can have a huge knock on your self-confidence. The loss of a tooth can have a notable impact on your appearance, which may leave you feeling self-conscious until it’s fixed.

#2 Pain & Soreness

A missing tooth can be painful and sore, depending on the cause of its loss. The empty socket can also become irritated, leading to prolonged discomfort.

#3 Difficultly Eating

Your eating patterns can be affected by a missing tooth. You may have difficultly chewing and, in some extreme cases, this can lead to insufficient nutrition If you have have difficultly processing certain foods.

#4 Affected Speech

Missing teeth can affect your speech. If you have a missing tooth in a key area it can cause slurring with the pronunciation of certain words.

#5 Expensive Treatment

Leaving a missing tooth can have big financial implications further down the line. If you lose more teeth the resulting treatments can be expensive to fix the problem, or the underlying issue that caused the tooth loss in the first place can escalate.

#6 Change In Facial Features

The loss of teeth can alter your appearance by changing the shape of your facial structure. This can cause visible sagging which can escalate the ageing of your face. The loss of the teeth destabilises your jaw structure and can have a long-term impact.

#7 Damage To Gum Tissue

With the loss of a tooth, the chance of gum disease and decay increases - meaning infections can quickly spread across the mouth. This could lead to further tooth loss in a short space of time.

#8 Shifting Teeth

Your teeth can shift when affected by a new gap, which can leave you with crooked teeth and impact your bite - which can make chewing harder.

How Can You Fix Your Missing Teeth?

There are a number of treatments available to you if you have a missing tooth. These include dental implants, dentures or a bridge. Although all three options are popular, a bridge or dental implants are a permanent fixed solution and so many patients choose to opt for these. Depending on your individual situation one method of treatment may be more suitable than others, but at Bite Dentistry our expert team will be able to advise you on this and answer any questions you may have.

Don’t Hesitate To Fix Your Missing Teeth Today

At Bite Dentistry we understand the impact that missing teeth can have on your life and the importance of getting the issue resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our quick and effective service uses the latest techniques to offer a variety of treatments. Find out more today by calling us on 01312284030 and or filling in our contact form here.

Eimear O'Connell

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